As an Amazon seller, you’re shipping a variety of products to people across the country, or across the world.

This means you need to ensure you’re using the right services – Both for cost reasons, and for speed. When you tell a customer their parcel has shipped and give them a tracking number, you want them to be confident they’ll get the level of service you promised. Late deliveries and lost deliveries generate bad feedback, and bad feedback means lower sales.

Plus, with the Cost mentioned above – You want to get the best price, so it impacts your selling price as little as possible, while getting your products to the customer intact and on time.

Seems simple, right? If you’re a big company, the shipping companies will look at your volume and throw great prices at you. Not so big? The prices aren’t so great.

What if you would ideally need services from a couple of different carries to get your ideal mix?

Working with Parcel Station gives you access to great prices from all the leading carriers, advice from experts to help you pick the right services for you and much more. Parcel Station can even do the pickups for you in their own vans, if you’re near one of their locations – The sorting happens once it reaches Parcel Station, and then your parcels are off to the customers!

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